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  • Dumbo Feather Team: Dumbo Feather I saw Kate Beezar speak at SP a few years ago and was struck by her loud integrity. I look foward to the inspiring stories and lovely images in this mook each new issue. I have been known to pace myself reading only one article a week to make the experience last longer! (*****)
  • J.D. Salinger: Franny and Zoey
    This book is about nothing in particular and still everything that is important to me at this time in my life. Beautifully written and extremely charming, this book is one of my favorites. (****)
  • Frankie Magazine
    A Magazine for people who want to be entertained as well as informed. A mag that has a dialogue with it's readers and makes me crack up every time! (*****)

My Rated Blogs

  • Shelbyville
    A beautiful insight into the crafty cuts of Michelle Vandermeer. A wonderful artist and designer, Michelle is also a friend and a source of great inspiration!
  • one blue wren
    An incredibly attractive assortment of original film prints captured in and around Queensland. Just achingly beautiful mostly.
  • little
    Jo Coltman is a generally creative type who writes sensitively and beautifully. She puts her hand to a number of other crafty pursuits also.
  • Jay Dee Dearness
    The creative stylings of Jay Dee Dearness, environmentalist, animal lover and general creator of things beautiful.
  • Thea and Sami
    Aesome fabric art screen printed on organic and natural fabrics. All items are beautiful and environmentally friendly.
  • Mandy Beaumont - A Poem a Day
    "It'll give you something to recite at parties in West End to show off your knowledge of low brow art. It may also give you a little nice moment in your day." Also Mandy is an absolute ledgend in general!
  • RPR (Red Pale Red)
    "An idea and then the being of her words Here is the ever to house my good intentions Fumbling with words and scratching out pictures My white chalk language" M is an artist of the world. She is one of my many muses. her work always has integrity and I love her beautiful face.
  • Little Jane St.
    LITTLE JANE ST offers unique hand designed stationery. LITTLE JANE ST sprang from a novel idea: to revive greeting culture and defy the mushrooming e-card inclination with an inspired line of stationery items.
  • KT Doyle
    KT is a designer and artist exploring sustainable solutions for wallpaper and textiles. Her vision is for a clean future which is auto-renewable. Be one of the forward thinkers!

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